My name is Alyssa Petri

​Welcome to Bubba’s Homestead, where locally grown goodness meets sustainable farming practices. Our tagline, “Geary County Grown”, reflects our pride in the small community we call home. At Bubba’s Homestead, we are here to support the local economy, and promote local agriculture to the great community. We are committed to providing high quality, locally grown vegetables, eggs, and more!

We believe in using sustainable farming practices, such as organic methods for fertilization and chemical free pest management, ensuring the health of our crops, the well-being of our farm friends (animals), and the preservation of our local ecosystem.

Step into Bubba’s Homestead, an ever-evolving, life-size learning adventure. Explore the garden, follow Bubba on social media, and discover the benefits of sustainable agriculture firsthand. We want to help educate everyone on the benefits of sustainable agriculture, by sharing our knowledge and experience. Together, we will create a more resilient food system, ensuring a healthier future for our community and generations to come.